Saturday, March 7, 2015

Swatch book

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Hi all!  Here's to a happy daylight savings springing forward tomorrow!  It'll be so nice for sunset to be an hour later in; the dogs might start getting real evening walks again.

In preparation for our move later this year, I wanted to curate all the paint colors and fabrics I've collected over the years in our current house.  Because let's face it - some of those paint colors were very hard to come by (it's so hard to find the paint color that matches the vision in your head!), and I might want to use some of them again at our next place.  Plus I think it'll be a nice portable reference when I shop.

First, acquiring the paint swatches. I find that the little paint chips at the hardware store are just too tiny to be helpful, so I made my own.  I cut out a generous size piece of cardboard (I think around 4x4" was ideal, but no need to actually measure) and painted it.

Here are the highly technically advanced and complicated steps to gathering a swatch book:

1. Treasure hunt at home (or at the store) for 3 ring binder.  I have a dangerous obsession with my label maker so of course I had to use it on my binder:

2. Get a bunch of plastic sheet protectors - I found these to be the best deal on Amazon: C-Line Top Loading Standard Weight Poly Sheet Protectors, Non-Glare, 8.5 x 11 Inches, 50 per Box.

3. On plain white sheets of paper, tape your swatches. Double-sided tape if you've got it.  Label with as much detail as you can: brand, color, what store you got it from, etc.  You can organize the pages by room, or whatever makes sense to you.


4. Step back and admire how organized you are!

Whew! After all that hard work you just might find yourself tuckered out...


  1. Hi Yushan! You were already on my bloglovin'! Love reading about your projects--keep it up!

    1. I know!! I had a pleasant surprise when I saw I had a follower right from the beginning! I'm following you now too :)