Sunday, March 22, 2015

Champagne cage chairs

Hi.  I have a problem.  I keep everything.  Sometimes it's basically trash.

Here's a rare case I'm glad I'm borderline hoarder!  I've been collecting champagne wire cages (you know...the little metal thingy holding the champagne cork in place) for a looong time, and we drink a lot of champagne, as evidenced by my wine cork napkin holder bordered by champagne corks.  I finally found a cute use for them!  I basically followed these simple instructions from

Then I played around with different chair backs, and finished off the chairs with a coat of my trusty silver spray paint for a uniform look:

They're pretty adorable lined up in a row on a shelf.  I think ultimately, these would be great keepsakes for special occasions...I'd just need some oil pens so I can write the occasion and date.  Anyone out there have any recommendations for good oil pens?

Can't believe this week is already over - hope everyone got to do some lounging this weekend like Elba did!


  1. that picture of elba is adorable! as are the little chairs. hoarders unite! :D

    1. Haha thanks Christine!! She is pretty cute no matter what she's doing...