About me

Hi! I'm Yush, a bioengineering grad student by occupation, but my real passion is to make my Oakland, CA home as comforting, warm, and beautiful as I can for myself, my husband, our two little lapdogs, and any guests who may happen to be over. My home is my sanctuary, and I'm always looking for ways to create, fix, and simplify.

Thus was borne this blog - my latest adventure! I'll leave you with a definition that I think sums up this blog:

home·wan·der: verb. 1. to haphazardly select do-it-yourself projects around the house as a hobby (while knowing not to quit one's day job) 2. to entertain by making sure everyone has a drink in hand 3. to enjoy some good food along the way 4. to curl up on the couch after all that work with a pair of cute puppies

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