Monday, March 23, 2015

Kale salad recipe

I'm hoping this blog will help me keep track of go-to recipes, since I often use one, love it, and then forget about it. Fast forward a few weeks later, and I'm totally at a loss about what to cook for a nice dinner!

Tonight I made this kale salad recipe from Marin Mama Cooks. Just a few slight modifications, though - I didn't have Parmesan cheese so just used the pepper jack on hand. I also cooked the garlic a little bit in the oil and pan left over from another dish, to make sure it wasn't too strong.  And finally, didn't have enough lemon juice so subbed in some white vinegar.  But the finished product was SO good:

Am I weird if I'm super looking forward to the next time I make kale? Will definitely be my go-to kale salad, and love that I can pack it in my lunch tomorrow (as opposed to lettuce salads that won't hold up.) I can see this seasoned so many different ways, too.

Happy Monday, everyone! It's spring break on the Berkeley campus so us grad students have the run of the place :)


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