Saturday, March 28, 2015

Side table makeover

The previous owners of our house left a few pieces of furniture behind, including this sad little unfinished wood table outside on a covered deck.  I thought about tossing it, but it spoke to me.  "Make me pretty; paint me", it said.  So I tried.

The first time around, I went a little crazy.  The stark white paint I picked wasn't really working anywhere, and I had stenciled this crazy fleur de lis pattern that ended up being a bit off center.

Lived with all that for a couple years, but decided it was time for a change!

I used drywall spackle to fill up some of the cracks, and gave it a couple of coats of Behr's Grant Gray in satin finish (left over from another project I have yet to write about).  But, it still needed a little something.  Solution: spray paint, of course!  (I could seriously rename this blog "How to use spray paint in every conceivable situation".)

Masked off the top surface with newspaper and painter's tape, and used the same silver spray paint from other projects to highlight just the edges of the table top.


I'm so in love with the final effect!  The silver looks nicely subtle against the gray.

I will leave you with some pictorial evidence of its final location in our bedroom, where cuteness has been used as a decoy to distract you from the dog hair all over that chair. (Oops, did I type that out loud...)

If you'll allow me to be insane for a quick second, I'm going to caption these silly monsters.  Casper is saying, "Um. What are you doing." Elba is saying, "Hi, I'm cute. Do you wanna see my teeth?"

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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