Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pouring bleach without a mess

It's been a few weeks since my first "welcome" post, and thanks to a conference and a crazy lab schedule, this little project has been sitting on the back burner!

Just so I can feel a little accomplished on Sunday in which I had planned to do everything but did almost nothing, here's a little tip for those of you who do laundry.  Hopefully, that's...everybody?  I like washing our cotton whites with bleach - there's nothing like it to get things looking like new again - but don't like the risk of dripping bleach over the floor and little pups that might be running around.  Plus I already have way too many bleach-stained shirts and shoes from working in a research lab.

Solution: we had some unused coffee stirrers from eons ago, and now I keep one handy in the laundry room so I can do this:

Ok obviously one hand was holding the camera, but in real life you'd hold that coffee stirrer with your other hand, touch the edge of the bleach bottle on the side of the stirrer, and the end of the stirrer at the bleach compartment.  Zero drips. You could do this with anything - a popsicle stick, old chopstick, etc.  For storage, keep it in a paper cup or something like that so you don't get bleach on unintended surfaces.

I actually learned this from my dad because he wanted to be able to pour copious amounts of soup without having it run down the edge of the pot.  For serious.  Yes, a ladle probably would have worked better, but nevermind that - the point is you can do it to pour any liquid without making a big mess!

And, a shot of our remodeled laundry room! More on that remodel later, since plumbing and electricity needs some sort of...pretty cover-type-thing.  (Very specific, I know.)

And finally, a bonus! Here's a little trick right off the pages of Pinterest: a pair of coat hooks as a cheap and pretty ironing board hanger.  Apparently I've also taken the liberty of using it as a hamper hook :P

Have a great work week, everyone!

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