Saturday, April 11, 2015

Circuit board coasters

Yeeeessss weeeeeeekennnnnnnd!

Moving on...

A really long time ago, the hubby brought these circuit boards home from the office because they were going to throw them out, and he thought I could do something cool with them. Bless his heart, he knows me so well!

They were the perfect size and shape to turn into coasters, but then thought twice when I learned that a lot of circuit board solders and other components have trace amounts of toxic materials that are bad for you to come into direct contact with. (Which I should have already known, considering I learned about some of this stuff in college learning materials science.) So these sat in a junk box for a couple years.

But I finally just got around to ordering these self-adhesive laminating sheets from Amazon so they could be sealed up for safe use! I just cut the sheets to size and sealed them up. (I may not have retained much from my MIT education, but I'm sure enough that a layer of adhesive and plastic will keep me safe in this situation.) There's a slight hint of some air bubbles because the surface isn't smooth, but it's pretty hard to see unless you really look for it.

You could really use these adhesive sheets to make coasters out of anything that isn't already waterproof; even just pretty paper. Uh oh, watch out - nerd alert! My desk has some spiffy new coasters now.


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