Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dog crate cover

Happy weekend, everyone!  Just sharing some pics of a cover I made for the crate that our dogs sleep in at night.  Did I take "before" photo?  Of course not.  That would be way too logical.  Suffice to say we used an old ugly beach towel thrown over the crate because we read somewhere that is supposed to create a more "den-like" environment.  Also, it's nice to block out some light if one of us is up and about early in the morning but we want to let them sleep more.  As if they don't do that enough during the day.

So there's the "after"!  Fabric is fleece from Jo-Ann's that was on sale.  They have so many cute prints, and it almost made me wish I had a Scottie so I could use a Scottie print they have ;)

I made a little flap that goes over the door so that they can really get their beauty rest without being bothered by light (so spoiled!):
You can also see in those pictures I also cut a little slit for the carrying handle to peek out.

I used pre-made double folded bias tape, also from Jo-Ann's, in a matching color for the edges of the door flap, and also the hem all the way around.  Tip: the wider the bias tape, the easier to work with, especially for bulky fabric like fleece - wish I had known before getting the skinniest one!

And matching piping for the vertical edges:

What do you guys think!? I think Casper and Elba like it, at least...