Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cheap work-around for rugs that slip (and frames that won't sit straight on your walls!)

Just a quick little tip today because it's been too long, and no pictures because my legs are just too tired to get my bum off the couch!

So you'd never guess that the following horrendous scenarios could be solved by the same doohickey:

1. You buy a new area rug, and realize the bottom doesn't come with a non-skid coating.  And every time you step on it, it slips a little bit.  Now you're going to have to shell out for a pricey area rug mat, which can run well over $20...

2. You hang a picture frame on the wall, and the darn thing just won't stay straight!  The OCD in you is going mad from the disorder...

What to do?? Solution: glue dots!  I originally picked these up at Home Depot, but I guess they don't carry them anymore, so that points to the Amazon link instead.  Make sure you get the removable kind so you don't damage your floors and walls.  Put as many as you need on the corners and/or sides of your rugs and/or frames.

I do like the permanent non-removable version, though, for some craft projects - they hold a lot stronger than double-sided tape does.

I've got a lot of other ideas brewing up here for upcoming posts: DIY placemats, bedskirts, and some trash-to-treasure projects.  Maybe I'll get some of those checked off while hubby is traveling next week.  If you haven't already, please subscribe and keep up with it all!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!  Here's proof that Casper and his golden buddies sure did - and so did the humans.  The wine in the background helped.

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